“Cosmic Red Centriflor” appeared from an unknown cross with one of the “centriflor” tomatoes that we originally sourced from Alan Kapular’s  “Peace Seeds”.  The centriflor tomatoes grow as short bush like plants with hyper tresses (flowering stem parts) that can produce anywhere from 20 to 100 flowers and thus fruits on a single stem.  Peace Seeds explains this phenomenon   by saying “The hypertress trait arose from a cross of a cherry tomato with an Andean species. It was completely unexpected. In order to adapt to changes in environmental conditions crosses between individuals and species (ie outbreeders) are a fundamental part of the process of evolution.”  After receiving a couple of the centriflor tomatoes from Peace Seeds we have continued in developing anthocyanin rich lines of these interesting tomatoes. “Cosmic Red” is a red grape version of this tomato and is an absolute show stopper when it comes to beauty. The vines produce continuous hyper-tresses of fruit throughout the season, the flavor is great and the ability of the fruit to keep off the vine is second to none. After a couple of seasons growing these out to ensure crack resistance and stability we are proud to share with you this “Cosmic Red” cherry tomato.