Innovative Growing Systems and Research

At Wild Mountain Seeds and Sunfire Ranch we are dedicated to ongoing research in the various aspects of farming holistically. From soil health and circular fertility programs to innovative polyculture planting techniques, seed saving, and plant breeding Wild Mountain Seeds and Sunfire Ranch are busy designing the low cost systems of the future.


We have partnered with the Paonia Soil Company, NRCS, graduate soil science programs, and young innovators to continue evaluating proven techniques, while experimenting with new technology to lower the capital needed to start up and operate a profitable small farm. We are committed to sharing what we learn with the community and have many opportunities for people to get involved and join the emerging local food movement.

Seed Breeding Farm, Wild Mountain Seeds, Carbondale, CO1950x1200

Diversified, Resilient, Localized Agriculture

There are rewarding connections and experiences waiting to be had where you can vote with your dollar or volunteer your time. Consulting available for all forms of agricultural development and management including cannabis cultivation.