Heirloom Softneck Garlic Grown in Carbondale, CO

  • 2020s harvest is in and it was our best year ever! After 7 years of selection our Italian Purple Soft Neck Garlic produced beautifully with impressive size and yield. The flavor of this soft neck is divine and its storage abilities are unmatched.  Soft neck garlic is great for braiding and makes incredible gifts. We sow in early October with 6-9 inches between bulbs with a light covering of mulch (straw, leaves or compost will work)
  • Georgian Crystal

    Porcelain type hard neck garlic with big beautiful cloves and consistent production in our Colorado climate. Bulbs keep well into winter and have a milder flavor when eaten raw than other varieties we have tried. The garlic holds its flavor when cooked and is delicious. Stores well for a hardback and makes beautiful scapes for an additional bonus when grown.  This is a great hard neck!

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