• Alpine Poblano

    A real breakthrough after years of breeding work by Casey and team at Wild Mountain Seeds in Zone 3 Carbondale, CO.  We have available for you an F6 Population developed to produce large uniform poblanos in cold climates and impressive yields in warmer zones. In 2013 the farm collected as many poblano strains as they could find and flowered them together. Only a few plants of that population made it to seed, having only a few specimens that stood out. Since that year, the farm has continued selection to improve size, uniformity and yield as this permiscuosly pollinated hybrid swarm  has been shaped into the "perfect shaped poblano population" (thinking of dishes like chile rellenos as selection criteria).This strain has rivaled the productive capacity of our sweet pepper varieties in past seasons, producing large sized uniform poblanos that you can market by the unit. The customers at our farm stand go crazy over these and I am sure yours will too. A huge thanks to the ancestral farmers whom domesticated and refined such an incredible culinary treat! A real gem of the breeding work at Wild Mountain Seeds!
  • Resilient Shishito

    An open pollinated strain of the ever popular Shishito Pepper. The folks at Wild Mountain Seeds have been selecting for plants that produce early crops with larger sized fruit to help with filling their market pints faster making these crowd favorites more profitable. These shishitos can get “huge” and both market customers and restaurants enjoy the larger size when compared with many of the hybrid shishito strains. The flavor is great and we are excited to offer an open pollinated, refined option for this popular pepper.  
  • Mountain Roaster

    In 2013 we set out to develop new selections of well adapted sweet pepper strains for our climate. We compiled an extensive collection of sweet peppers and allowed them to flower together. From that initial crosses onward we have selected refined lines with different physical attributes. The Mountain Roaster strain is a selection of a medium sized red sweet pepper that has thick flesh, delicious flavor, good yields strong plants and fruit size that lends itself perfectly to roasting whole or stuffing.  This collection is great for farmers markets as we find patrons more likely to buy two medium sized peppers than one larger sweet pepper. Kids often snack on these whole as the flavor is like candy when fully vine ripened. These do well when displayed and sold in pints or quarts where you can market them at a higher dollar value for the box.  Sturdy plants and early production make this a go to variety. ***please note there is some variability in this variety due to its diverse parentage (I imagine you will not mind due to the great vigor!)
  • Holy Italian

    Holy Italian F3 population This extra extra large Italian sweet pepper emerged as the largest we have ever seen on our farm. The fruits are uniformly large to extra extra large with variable tips from pointed to notched. The plants were highly productive for us in 2020 competing with all of our other varieties for overall yield. The flesh is thick and the flavor is divine. We are excited to offer a small amount of this unique breeding population this season!
  • Wild Mountain Bell

    Our latest selection to create a better open pollinated red bell pepper! Beautiful fruit with thick flesh and great flavor are our top selection criteria for these fruits. We also have been selecting for plant stature and overall yield.  Enjoy the flavor and productivity of these beautiful red bells!
  • This is a selection out of an interbreeding population consisting of large red Italian sweet peppers. We combined many of the most popular hybrid and OP sweet peppers selecting for vigor, size, flavor and thickness of flesh. The result is a vigorous pepper with good plant stature that produces an abundant crop early in the season. This is a variable collection that is creating new hybrid varieties under the XL stuffing pepper theme every year. Embrace diversity and enjoy the vigor for a large harvest window of beautiful Red XL Stuffing Peppers!
  • Alpen Glow Golden Bell

    Strong plants create beautiful golden bell peppers. Delicious flavor and vigor make this a desirable addition to your pepper patch. We have selected for improved shape and strong plants for a few years and are excited to offer this improved variety. ***there is some variability in the line of which could produce an occasional red fruited plant
  • Perfect Italian Sweet

    After years of refinement and selection we are proud to offer this amazing adaptable swarm of Medium to Large perfect shaped thick walled Italian Sweet Peppers. Again we allowed a diverse cast of Italian sweets to flower together then selecting for productivity, growth in cold soil temps, strong plant stature, resistance to blossom end rot, thick foliage cover to resist sun scold, thick walls and great flavor.  These peppers perform well in climates where sweet peppers traditionally struggle while going gang busters in warm climates. The folks at Wild Mountain Seeds have compared with the farmer favorite F1 hybrid Carmen where it has outperformed them in both fruit quality and production in their trials. Enjoy uniform, delicious, early, beautiful Italian sweet peppers with these great seeds!
  • Perfect Golden Italian

    Productive golden Italian sweet pepper that produce consistently on our cold alpine farm. We used the same strategy for breeding as we have for other peppers. Collect as much quality diversity as you can, flower together and increase hybrid vigor, make selections for quality and repeat. After 5 years or so of selection we have something functional and beautiful with this large, delicious thick walled golden Italian.
  • Shephard’s Rams Horn

    Unique shaped fruit resemble the horns on a ram. Beautiful thick walled fruit produce on compact easy to manage plants. We have kept this strain for years now refining its productivity and fruit quality. The fruit have thick walls and great flavor and work well in many dishes. A really great open pollinated pepper for gardners and market farmers.


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