• Scarlet Nantes

    Nothing tops a Nantes carrot for dependability when sown any time of year. Nantes is slow to bolt when sown in the early spring creating a dependable crop for early market. When sown as a main season carrot Scarlet Nantes holds extremely well in the ground awaiting sale. Scarlet Nantes is delicious and makes our customers especially the kids very happy every year. We are continuing to select for slower bolting and ability to hold well in the field.
  • Coral

    The best early carrot we have grown.  Vigorous strong tops make for easy harvest and shade out competing weeds in a hurry. We love the sweet flavor and exceptional crunch of this beauty. The roots size up nicely, even in dense plantings and do so in a hurry making this a great work horse variety for season long succession planting.  The original seed came from Fedco seeds in Maine of which was sourced from a Spanish Seed Catalogue where it was "mysteriously the only carrot variety offered" The quality of this carrot is incredible!

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