• Heirloom Survivors Grex

    In the late winter and early spring of 2018 we set out to step up our frost tolerance trials. We seeded nearly 1500 tomatoes of diverse parentage to a tray and treated it with continued temperatures in the 28-32 degree range. After losing many seedlings over these treatments we felt we needed to turn up the pressure to thin the herd to a manageable population size. The next night we left the tray on the porch at 6400’ feet in Colorado in early February. The lows dropped to 24 and we weren’t sure if we would see any survivors. To our surprise about 50 specimens survived and are the parents of this diverse grex. All survivors showed added amounts of fur, vigor, and were surprisingly quite diverse representing all colors that we grow. Many of the specimens where new varieties and many adapted the anthocyanin trait that we have Dr. Jim Myers of Oregon state to thank for introducing. The results are exciting and we are happy to offer a very limited amount of seed this season
  • A true 'Mountain Miracle'!  This XL tomato is the backbone of our heirloom production and preforms equally well inside and outside of the greenhouse. Early and productive are words that come to mind to describe these seeds. The flavor has enriched with selection over many years and has our customers coming to our stand and selecting these pink tomatoes even over the popular blacks (a tendency we love considering their productivity and disease resistance).  We are very proud of these seeds and hope that it becomes a backbone producer of your farm helping you differentiate yourself from your competition. Enjoy!
  • Italian Cherry Pepper

    Round shaped hot pepper with delicious mild spice. A classic in Italian cooking and for pickling! Makes a great pizza topping or added to any dish for a dash of spice without overwhelming heat. These 1 - 1.5 inch peppers bare abundant crops on strong plants. A great hot pepper for markets!
  • Oh My F1

    A refined medium to large black tomato with added vigor, crack resistance and amazing flavor! We have been hard at work over the last 6 years to breed a black tomato that's production rivals that of any tomato we grow. The blacks with their incredible flavor are always a hit at the farmers market but their lack in productivity has always been a set back.   This new black is making the production of these tasty heirlooms a very profitable endeavor. Our 2019 hybrid seed impressed beyond our wildest dreams being both early, incredibly productive, sustaining production into the  early winter. These tomatoes have shown great immunologic response (disease resistance) and are great choices for heirloom production in the greenhouse. We are currently committing 50% of our farm to the production of this crowd favorite tomato ( a dead ringer for Black Krim or Cherokee purple but with increased yield) The price of these seeds reflects the quality of the plants of which have outperformed F1 hybrid Marnero in head to head tests on many farms.
  • Medium to large yellow/red bicolor tomatoes with extreme yield and performance. Beautiful, crack resistant fruit that hold well off the vine.  These hybrids have heirloom quality flavor or better but with much better productivity. Wild Mountain Seeds in Carbondale, CO at 6400’ have been using selection pressures such as frost, drought and late blight to find superior heirloom plants with amazing hybrid vigor. Through this intense selection they have drastically increased early fruiting, crack resistance, immunologic response (disease resistance) and yield. We combined many popular varieties then selected for production, vigor and fruit quality.  The most vigor of any other bi-color variety available. We dedicate 30 to 40% of our planting to this grex. We have found that our older clients enjoy the milder yellow bi-color tomatoes due to their lower acidity and we wish to have plenty at our stands. The price of these seeds reflects the quality of the plants of which have outperformed other F1 hybrids such as Marnero, Margold and Marbonne at a more expensive price.
  • Best of Buttercup F1

    "Best of Buttercup"  a culinary selected grex of the various ways to be a buttercup maxima winter squash. The Goal of  our "Best of Buttercup" breeding is to create a small sized, buttercup shaped grex(latin for flock) of genetics with incredible flavor and superior vigor and yield. Imagine buttercups in all shades of colors with one thing in common.... AMAZING FLAVOR! With all of the genetic diversity in this hybrid swarm you can expect extreme growth and production that you rarely see in typical inbred heirlooms or commercial hybrid seed production. "Best of Buttercup" is a very special seed that we are offering and will only have a small amount available in 2020! Expect some variability as non-buttercup genetics still exist in the population. Enjoy!
  • Alpine Poblano

    After years of breeding we finally have a Pablano that produces well in our cold climate. We trialed heirlooms and hybrids from all over and never found a seed that produced. In 2013 we collected as much diversity as possible letting them flower together. Only a few plants made it to seed with a few specimens that stood out. Since that year we have continued selection and now have a Pabland we are proud of. This pepper rivals the productive capacity of all of our sweet pepper varieties, producing blocky uniform peppers that you can market by the unit. Our customers go crazy when we have these and I am sure yours will too. A real gem of our breeding program!
  • Chilhuaca Negro

    A classic ingredient in mole negro in Oaxaca,  Mexico. This thin walled tapered pepper's flavor is divine especially when roasted before using in salsa's and sauces. Over the years we have increased vigor and yield. Another key ingredient in our seasonal hot pepper ferment adding a distinct flavor. Dries extremely well making it great for making dry pepper flakes or strung into ristras!
  • Alpine Shishito

    A good consistent shashito pepper. Productive and early, producing large shishito peppers in a hurry. Very popular amongst chefs and a must grow for our customers.
  • Mini Red Racer Heirloom

    New for 2019! This amazing variety produces incredible amounts of mine red heirlooms on very strong vigorous plants. A crowd winner as thee  cute size is an easy choice for customers, even those not sure about buying a larger heirloom. Flavor is amazing and plants are very easy to maintain due to the small size of the fruit. A very high producer with good immunologic response (disease resistance) ensuring a long production window. This is a product of our ongoing frost trial survivor breeding of which is creating amazing vigor due to their abilities to grow vigorously in early spring cold soils. There is a bit of variability as this is an F1 swarm that we have been stabilizing. You will love this variety and so will your customers. Enjoy!
  • Nor’easter Pole Bean

    I grew up growing this superior flavored pole bean and it has been a staple on our farm for years. Long delicious pods have incredible flavor and resist getting tough. We have tried many different varieties and are yet to find anything that rivals the flavor of this long flat Roma style pole bean. Hand one to our customers and you can guarantee a sale. Great fresh or cooked.  A truly amazing heirloom!
  • Sunfired Flare

    Dark anthocyanin splashes laid over brick and maroon striped fruit. A show stopper variety and favorite of our mentor Jerome Osentowski of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. Sunfired Flare produces copious amounts of fruit on strong plants that show great disease resistance. The plants grow great in cold soil temps and fruit late until the season. A great variety to draw attention to your farmers market stand!