• With 9 years of selection this purple blushed tomatillo landrace produces impressive yields of incredibly flavored tomatillos. Vigorous plants resist disease and produce reliably for us every year. When it comes to making the best salsa verde this strain is hard to beat. What would our garden be like without this gem!
  • Queen of Malinalco

    Queen of Malinalco aka Malinalco Tomatillo has truly impressed us this season. When trialing new tomatillo varieties we are typically preparing for them to be a little sluggish compared to our diverse farm bred tomatillos.( If you haven't grown these I highly recommend our other varieties for market farm and home garden performance).  The seedlings of these came out screaming and kept right up with our go to landraces. Production was great and the pear shape and sweet flavor was both unique and delicious! Hailing from the Aztec Village of the same name, this variety is a gem and we are grateful for roughwood seeds for bringing this variety to our attention and to Malinalco people for breeding such an impressive tomatillo


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