• Diversified Fava Grex

    An incredible interbreeding collection of fava beans adapted to cold nights and short seasons.  These plants withstand frost and over winter down to temps in the single digits in our unheated tunnels. We plant as soon as we can work the soil in early march for outdoor production in our climate. A great companion plant for many other vegetables providing excess nitrogen to share with the community. The plants develop huge rhizobium bacterial nodules that can grow to the size of nickels. Big thanks to Ianto Evans and others for their work in collecting and sharing this fava bean diversity with the world! Many opportunities to select and develop new varieties from this mix!
  • Dragon

    A very reliable purple carrot that preforms great with dense plantings. Our go to for color in our market bunches! Purple exterior with gorgeous interior color that with purple, orange and some yellow.  High in health boosting anthocyanin.  Originally bred by Dr. John Navazio whom we pay our respect for creating such a great variety! Approximately 75+ days to maturity.
  • With 9 years of selection this purple blushed tomatillo landrace produces impressive yields of incredibly flavored tomatillos. Vigorous plants resist disease and produce reliably for us every year. When it comes to making the best salsa verde this strain is hard to beat. What would our garden be like without this gem!
  • Queen of Malinalco

    Queen of Malinalco aka Malinalco Tomatillo has truly impressed us this season. When trialing new tomatillo varieties we are typically preparing for them to be a little sluggish compared to our diverse farm bred tomatillos.( If you haven't grown these I highly recommend our other varieties for market farm and home garden performance).  The seedlings of these came out screaming and kept right up with our go to landraces. Production was great and the pear shape and sweet flavor was both unique and delicious! Hailing from the Aztec Village of the same name, this variety is a gem and we are grateful for roughwood seeds for bringing this variety to our attention and to Malinalco people for breeding such an impressive tomatillo
  • Crimson Sweet

    A great watermelon seed we received from Folks Farm in Fort Colllins! Reliable vines are vigorous and adapted to Colorado summers. Plants grow melons consistently over 10lbs with sweet flesh and a beautiful rine! A refreshing summer treat and our first watermelon seed offering. This seed was grown at Highwater Farm in Silt, CO! Approximately 75 days to maturity with nighttime temperatures above 50 degrees.
  • Cocozelle Zucchini

    Our favorite of the open pollinated zucchini for market farming production. We love the striping, ability to grow bigger while staying slender and the resistance to bruising. Plants produce well for us in our short season yielding consistent fruits until frost. Thanks to Jake and Molly of Dooley Creek Farm for producing this seed on their alpine farm at 6800'!
  • Royal Burgandy

    A trusty purple podded bush bean for home garden and market production.  Plants are well adapted and produce an abundance of tender beans in our short climate. This French heirloom is very reliable dating back to the 18th century and has strikingly beautiful flours, pods and plants. Royal Burgandy is trustworthy in our climate producing in 50 - 60 days and is our go to variety for purple podded green bean production.
  • Ojo De Cabra

    Another great Tarahumara bean that translates to English as Goat’s Eye. This beautiful bean is possibly our highest yielding. A sweet and mild bean is a staple in the Sierra Madre. Very vigorous and medium size make this a great bean for creating a long storing staple on any homestead.
  • Cosmic Purple Rain

    The newest variation on a striped cherry in our breeding program. Emerging as a variation from the Cosmic Mountain Sunset line the stripes on this cherry are very unique. Beautiful, strong, indeterminate, disease resistant plants produced heavy quantities of crack resistant fruits.  Slight red on the interior and a flavor that is divine. This is an experimental line and may still have some variability! Limited amount of seed available in 2022!
  • Though the 2020 and 2021 season we ran experiment on our disease trial tomato row. For a little bit of context, this row has been continuously cropped to tomato for seven seasons and is what we use to test for immune response in new tomato lines.  The disease trial was done on tomatoes sown in early February in 2020 and then cropped through the winter and through the 2021 season. The greenhouse was kept just above freezing in hopes of creating significant disease pressure and stress to a mediterranean crop like tomato.  The plants looked strong coming into winter with about  50 of the original 75 plants surviving the late blight that plagues the row in the summer. Plants started to succumb to disease throughout the winter with only two plants surviving. These plants went on to thrive producing a huge amount of tomato in spring of 2021 and continuing to produce until we ended the project in fall of this year. We are offering a limited amount of seed of these two specimens who showed this incredible immunity and  growth in such a challenging environment.
  • Snow-Capped Sunset

    This unique white cherry tomato with beautiful anthocyanin stripes emerged in the 2021 breeding lines. This years plants showed stability and allowed us an opportunity to select for strong vines, production and resistance to cracking. This tomato has quickly become one of our favorites and its production is rivaling our go to market varieties.  We are happy to offer larger quantities of this variety in 2022.   Indeterminate
  • Kebarika Bush

    A great dual purpose been that works for fresh eating and as a dry bean! This was  selected out of a mix of seeds we received years ago and thus we have been working to figure out its lineage. The Kebarika name is of an heirloom bean from Kenya and is the best info we could find for a bean with this look.   I was surprised to find that the heritage of this line was from Kenya as it has performed incredibly on our farm!
  • Mawivuna

    A beautiful small sized pinto that was dry farmed in Hopi fields in Northeastern Arizona.  A very early maturing bean with beautifully colored mottled pods. High yielding and very productive in our fields. Cooks quickly due to its size making it very useful in the kitchen. Thanks to the Hopi for the development of such a great bean.
  • Muni Chocame

    AKA Ochoriwame from the central southern Sierra Tarahumara. Distinctive Jewel like bluish-purple-gunmetal gray mottled bean. Selected from original seeds provided to us from Joseph Lofthouse after his decades of growing and thus further adapting this bean to a short season. Beautiful beans on strong vines!
  • New experimental line!  A very promising new experimental tomato from this years breeding program. Nice sized beefsteak tomatoes with great flavor and beautiful color were plentiful on strong indeterminate vines. The first fruit set ( and the most lucrative for growers) was huge making for high profitability. Shelf life, crack resistance and flavor was where this tomato really shined making this very promising for market producers and commercial production! We are pumped to share a limited amount of this experimental line in 2022! Enjoy!
  • Appaloosa

    This beautiful bean can be used as a fresh picked green before serving as a, reliable, early dry bean for short climates. The beans origin is a bit of a mystery but is likely from the Nimiipuu ( Nez Perce ) people with the spots of the bean referring to their Appaloosa horse. Vigorous, strong vines get up and cover the ground in a hurry and thus surpassing weeds. This bean is widely adaptable and delicious and is a special gift of the Nimiipuu people and we thank all that have stewarded this bean before us.  


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