• Cucumbers Galore Grex

    "Cucumbers Galore Grex" a name that exemplifies our excitement for how this F5(fifth year) population of cucumbers has evolved. Bred for the challenges of greenhouse production, while also producing equally well in the field, this hybrid swarm was selected for superior powdery mildew resistance, majority parthenocarpic plants (producing cucumbers without the presence of pollinators) and gynoecious tendency (producing majority female flowers and fewer male flowers). We have trialed most of the popular F1 hybrids including favorites like F1 Corinto and F1 Socrates and set out to breed a hybrid swarm of cucumbers that would rival and exceed the production of these expensive greenhouse cucumbers with superior powdery mildew resistance thus allowing for a long harvest season. We used a wide variety of parents including some very interesting greenhouse cucumbers from Japan and many other F1 cucumbers that possessed traits that we desired.  This premium seed is offered as a mixed formula from the best producing plants from 2020 and the price of the seed represents that incredible quality of these plants. Enjoy the increased production from the hard work of our team at Wild Mountain Seeds and Seed Peace.
  • Our Latest Effort to create a better Open Pollinated  Greenhouse Cucumber Breeding Project In Japanese, fushi means node and nari means setting fruit. Natsu Fushinari is a high yielder due to setting fruit at every node.We picked up these seeds from Baker Creek and they have quickly become our favorite greenhouse cucumber.  We then crossed them with some other of our favorite varieties with the goal to improve powdery mildew resistance, vigor and a prolonged high yielding production window. Producing from early June until Mid October on our farm. A bit later to produce than f1 Corinto with similar yields and better flavor. We plant about 70% of our greenhouse cukes to this hybrid swarm this season and they didn't disappoint.  This is highly selected "stock seed" grade seed.  Limited Supply. (note, there may be a few crosses with other popular F1 Cucumbers that we also grow) Beautiful color,  good uniformity,  incredible flavor and crunch.  Chef's and market customers enjoy the flavor of this variety over all others we have grown . Limited supply


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