• Honey Boat Delicata

    The sweetest and most dependable delicata squash we have trialed. Strong plants produce beautiful copper and green striped fruit. The superior sweetness is retained in storage making for delicious meals throughout the winter. Bred by Dr. James Baggett at Oregon State University.
  • New selection for 2021!!! Ok, ok, we admit it, we are little obsessed with our Cucurbita Maxima winter squash breeding and are tickled purple with this refined gene pool. Incredible flavor, texture, beauty, vigor, long storage and marketable size are the selection criteria on the score cards and we know you will love our newest selections for 2021.  The flavor is divine with our former interns often telling us about having "squash withdrawls".  The best compliment we could have asked for came from our four year old neighbor who after eating directly from a cooked squash with no added anything proclaimed "These pies are amazing".  This collection is very diverse and will produce a range of colors and shapes with great flavor.  This years seeds is the culmination of 7 years of selection and we are excited to share with you this amazing winter squash swarm.  Our gratitude goes out to all who came before us in selecting and breeding such an amazing vegetable for man kind!
  • Big Blossom Grex

    Extra large squash blossoms and lots of them! With added interest from chefs and market customers we set out to make a better maxima winter squash bred specifically for the production of these tasty treats. We focused the breeding on selecting plants that produce more male blossoms with increased size.  Chefs love the large size because they can put fewer on a plate lowering the plate cost and keeping the customer happy. We sell hundreds of these a week for up to a dollar each, making it one of the most profitable crops on the farm! We pick in the late morning when blossoms are dry but before bugs move in.
  • "Best of Buttercup"  a culinary selected grex of the various ways to be a buttercup maxima winter squash. The Goal of  our "Best of Buttercup" breeding is to create a small sized, buttercup shaped grex(latin for flock) of genetics with incredible flavor and superior vigor and yield. Imagine buttercups in all shades of colors with one thing in common.... AMAZING FLAVOR! With all of the genetic diversity in this hybrid swarm you can expect extreme growth and production that you rarely see in typical inbred heirlooms or commercial hybrid seed production. "Best of Buttercup" is a very special seed that we are offering and will only have a small amount available in 2020! Expect some variability as non-buttercup genetics still exist in the population. Enjoy!
  • 14 Months of Storage!! Seeds of our longest storing Maxima winter squash from this years crop. A salmon colored squash with Navajo parentage.Deep orange flesh with rich flavor. Amazing vigor and incredible storage make this squash one of the best for the resilient garden. Only a few seeds available from this one specimen.
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