• Red Ruby Cherry

    Red Ruby Cherry is the darkest of anthocyanin blushed fruit with incredible vigor, flavor, yield and earliness! Easy to know when ripe and highly productive.  We trialed and selected from many antho and non-antho fruit when a particular specimen in a the line showed added vigor, exceptional flavor and a considerably darker shade of anthocyanin. We saved the seeds and have selected ever since for earliness, vigor, flavor and production. A show stopper at the farmers market that draws customers to our stand! A backbone producer for our mixed cherry pints. Flavor is incredible!
  • Mountain Girl

    Originally selected from our red tomato grex these vigorous tomatoes produce early bunches of 1.5-2 inch beautiful crack resistant saladette red tomatoes with rich flavor. As early as the famous "Early Girl" with much better flavor this tomato is a favorite. So good I enjoy one nearly everyday of the gardening season. These tomatoes have gone through extensive improvement over the years improving disease resistance and ability to tolerate cold early soil temperatures!
  • Sunfired Flare

    Dark anthocyanin splashes laid over brick and maroon striped fruit. A show stopper variety and favorite of our mentor Jerome Osentowski of the Central Rocky Mountain Permaculture Institute. Sunfired Flare produces copious amounts of fruit on strong plants that show great disease resistance. The plants grow great in cold soil temps and fruit late until the season. A great variety to draw attention to your farmers market stand!
  • Oh My Hybrid Swarm

    A refined medium to large black tomato with added vigor, crack resistance and amazing flavor! We have been hard at work over the last 6 years to breed a black tomato that's production rivals that of any tomato we grow. The blacks with their incredible flavor are always a hit at the farmers market but their lack in productivity has always been a set back.   This new black is making the production of these tasty heirlooms a very profitable endeavor. Our 2019 hybrid seed impressed beyond our wildest dreams being both early, incredibly productive, sustaining production into the  early winter. These tomatoes have shown great immunologic response (disease resistance) and are great choices for heirloom production in the greenhouse. We are currently committing 50% of our farm to the production of this crowd favorite tomato ( a dead ringer for Black Krim or Cherokee purple but with increased yield) The price of these seeds reflects the quality of the plants of which have outperformed F1 hybrid Marnero in head to head tests on many farms.
  • Medium to large yellow/red bicolor tomatoes with extreme yield and performance. Beautiful, crack resistant fruit that hold well off the vine.  These hybrids have heirloom quality flavor or better but with much better productivity. Wild Mountain Seeds in Carbondale, CO at 6400’ have been using selection pressures such as frost, drought and late blight to find superior heirloom plants with amazing hybrid vigor. Through this intense selection they have drastically increased early fruiting, crack resistance, immunologic response (disease resistance) and yield. We combined many popular varieties then selected for production, vigor and fruit quality.  The most vigor of any other bi-color variety available. We dedicate 30 to 40% of our planting to this grex. We have found that our older clients enjoy the milder yellow bi-color tomatoes due to their lower acidity and we wish to have plenty at our stands. The price of these seeds reflects the quality of the plants of which have outperformed other F1 hybrids such as Marnero, Margold and Marbonne at a more expensive price.
  • Mini Red Heirloom

    New for 2019! This amazing variety produces incredible amounts of mine red heirlooms on very strong vigorous plants. A crowd winner as thee  cute size is an easy choice for customers, even those not sure about buying a larger heirloom. Flavor is amazing and plants are very easy to maintain due to the small size of the fruit. A very high producer with good immunologic response (disease resistance) ensuring a long production window. This is a product of our ongoing frost trial survivor breeding of which is creating amazing vigor due to their abilities to grow vigorously in early spring cold soils. There is a bit of variability as this is an F1 swarm that we have been stabilizing. You will love this variety and so will your customers. Enjoy!
  • A true 'Mountain Miracle'!  This tomato is the backbone of our heirloom production and preforms equally well inside and outside of the greenhouse. Early and productive are words that come to mind to describe these seeds. The flavor has enriched with selection over many years and has our customers coming to our stand and selecting these pink tomatoes even over the popular blacks (a tendency we love considering their productivity and disease resistance).  We are very proud of these seeds and hope that it becomes a backbone producer of your farm helping you differentiate yourself from your competition. Enjoy!
  • Lucid Gem of Colorado

    Our newest 2020 selection of this beautiful tomato originally bred by Brad Gates of Wild Boar Seeds in California. Our newest strain arose out of the 2018 frost trials and has gone through ongoing selection for fruit quality, yield, vigor and disease resistance.  This variety keeps incredibly well off and on the vine making a great tomato when a longer shelf life is needed. A beautiful tomato that draws people to our stand year in and out. We highly recommend adding this gem to your tomato quiver!
  • Heirloom Survivors Grex

    In the late winter and early spring of 2018 we set out to step up our frost tolerance trials. We seeded nearly 1500 tomatoes of diverse parentage to a tray and treated it with continued temperatures in the 28-32 degree range. After losing many seedlings over these treatments we felt we needed to turn up the pressure to thin the herd to a manageable population size. The next night we left the tray on the porch at 6400’ feet in Colorado in early February. The lows dropped to 24 and we weren’t sure if we would see any survivors. To our surprise about 50 specimens survived and are the parents of this diverse grex. All survivors showed added amounts of fur, vigor, and were surprisingly quite diverse representing all colors that we grow. Many of the specimens where new varieties and many adapted the anthocyanin trait that we have Dr. Jim Myers of Oregon state to thank for introducing. The results are exciting and we are happy to offer a very limited amount of seed this season
  • Chocolate Stripes

    From the breading work of Gary Ibsen (chocolate stripes) and Brad Gates (large barred boar), we took both strains of this brick red metallic striped tomato and selected for size, strong stems, early season vigor, disease resistance and productivity.  My mom loves these in her Appalachian garden, enjoying incredible production and productivity late into the season!  These tomatoes hold very well off the vine, making them a great market garden pick. We are proud of our improved selection of this classic heirloom!
  • Indigo Mountain Girl

    Experimental Line! We discovered this exciting new variation as one of the survivors in our spring tomato frost trials. As the season progressed we realized how special this tomato was with great vigor, heavy fruit sets and great shelf life. This anthocyanin splashed mountain girl  has been one of our top producers in our winter tomato trial as the plants have continued to produce into January in a greenhouse where the air temp is kept just above freezing and soil temps are in the mid to upper 30s. We expect this variety to become a winner as we continue selection and have a limited amount of this years seed to offer for your growing enjoyment!
  • Mountain Flare

    Named as a play on our good timing local summer festival "Mountain Fair" this tomato was one of the few survivors of the 2020 spring frost trials! After the cold treatment this tomato took off producing a load of delicious handful sized crack free tomatoes on disease free vines throughout the season. Such a beautiful tomato that will bring lookers to your stand and gardens. The flavor is divine! So pumped to offer this amazing tomato from the 2020 frost trial!
  • Pink Berkley Tie Dye

    Bred by Brad Gates an iconic tomato guru in Napa Valley, California. These tomatoes produce dark purple fruits with metallic striping throughout. Incredible flavor has these flying off the table at our farmers market stand. Possibly the most beautiful tomato we grow. We have selected heavily to improve the yield of this variety. The original seed lacked the vigor needed in our cold climate. After years of selection we have an improved strain that we dedicate a considerable amount of space to in our gardens.
  • Black Beauty

    So beautiful its hard to eat them! The original seeds came to us from Brad Gates of Wild Boar Farms. We have continued improvement with the quest of increasing yield of this show stopping variety. After a few years of selection vigor and yield has increased and we believe this variety deserves a spot in your garden!
  • Italian Heirloom

    A huge red tomato that resembles an oversized roma. The flavor is rich and makes a great sauce. A meaty tomato that can pull double duty as both a slicer and sauce tomato. The tomato is very early for a large tomato and was one of the first to produce in our 2016 trials. A real work horse for our farm.
  • Black Pear

    A beautiful brick colored pear shaped tomato with great flavor and production! A year has not passed where we haven't grown this tomato in our market garden. 8 years of selection for strong disease free vines and crack free fruit has yield a very dependable delicious tomato (some of the selections of also been survivors in our annual frost trials). Chef’s love the ease of processing and the meaty flesh. Slice the top off the jug shaped tomato, quarter and you are ready to go. A great processing tomato as well as fresh eating. Our dear farm momma Kirsten’s favorite tomato!
  • Striped Pink Appeal

    Another beauty arising from our continued breeding work to create new, highly productive, beautiful tomatoes that thrive in cool climates and go gang busters in warm. This tomato came from our farm favorite Mountain Miracle pink heirloom line, where a single plant showed beautiful gold stripes! After a couple of seasons of selecting for vigor and crack resistance we are excited to offer this amazing tomato. Picture worthy medium sized heirlooms are born abundantly on strong disease resistant potato leafed plants. This unique tomato is beautiful with incredible sweet flavor to match. You won't be disappointed by this amazing new tomato from the the team here at Wild Mountain Seeds and Seed Peace! Enjoy!
  • Though the 2020 and 2021 season we ran experiment on our disease trial tomato row. For a little bit of context, this row has been continuously cropped to tomato for seven seasons and is what we use to test for immune response in new tomato lines.  The disease trial was done on tomatoes sown in early February in 2020 and then cropped through the winter and through the 2021 season. The greenhouse was kept just above freezing in hopes of creating significant disease pressure and stress to a mediterranean crop like tomato.  The plants looked strong coming into winter with about  50 of the original 75 plants surviving the late blight that plagues the row in the summer. Plants started to succumb to disease throughout the winter with only two plants surviving. These plants went on to thrive producing a huge amount of tomato in spring of 2021 and continuing to produce until we ended the project in fall of this year. We are offering a limited amount of seed of these two specimens who showed this incredible immunity and  growth in such a challenging environment.
  • New experimental line!  A very promising new experimental tomato from this years breeding program. Nice sized beefsteak tomatoes with great flavor and beautiful color were plentiful on strong indeterminate vines. The first fruit set ( and the most lucrative for growers) was huge making for high profitability. Shelf life, crack resistance and flavor was where this tomato really shined making this very promising for market producers and commercial production! We are pumped to share a limited amount of this experimental line in 2022! Enjoy!
  • Ispolin

    The name means “Giant” in Russian. These tomatoes produce dependable, early red tomatoes on huge vigorous vines. Tomatoes are about handful sized. A great red tomato for red slicing tomato production.
  • Very early, great flavor and a story to boot! One of the 10 best early tomatoes in Organic Gardening Magazine. The seeds of this beauty were gifted to Bill Mcdorman when on a seed search in Siberia. Sasha, a local farmer walked many kilometers to hand the seeds to Bill, he said they were for the best tomato in Siberia.  He was right.  Small-medium handful sized and smaller fruits on vigorous early plants. What isn’t to love.
  • *****WORLD RECORD HOLDER***** WOW is the only way to describe this tomato strain! The late producing plants come on in a big way with tomatoes that often grow to 2 lbs. Our customers can’t believe the incredible flavor of these red giants! Fun to grow.
  • Brick colored tomato with great flavor. Very well known in the gourmet European markets and gaining popularity in the US. Chocolate colored tomatoes are rich in tomato flavor with just the right amount of acidity. One of our favorites, we grow them every year.
  • New for 2022, an Indeterminate potato leafed, slightly ruffled version of a Pink Berkley Tie Dye type tomato. We were very impressed with this tomato, producing beautiful, delicious and durable fruit on strong potato leaf plants. The flavor of this plant is hard to match as it combines the sweetness of the black tomato with a depth  attributed to some of its green zebra relatives. We can't wait to work further on this gem next season! Enjoy
  • Sausage shaped paste tomatoes with great favor and production.  Nice flesh make this an ideal tomato for making paste. Our choice from trialling many paste tomatoes over the years.


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