• The Darkest Red Storage selection is seed from the darkest specimens in the "Superior Red Storage Onion Grex". We positioned the darkest red specimens together in the superior red grow out to promote more crossing with dark specimens with the hopes of not losing the incredible vigor that comes from the diversity and quantity of onions in the population. Our goal is to continue selection to develop a deep dark skinned and darker fleshed onion with great storage. These dark onions are beautiful and have red coloring that extends deeper into the interior of the onion, a trait we don't often see in other onion varieties. When sliced these will often bleed red  onto the cutting board of which I am sure is a sign of their health giving properties and perhaps anthocyanin content. We are excited to offer you seed of this work in progress. Note: seed is from all of the dark specimens and will be mostly crosses of dark to dark while there will be specimens with crosses to less dark specimens and possibly some yellow still mixed in from the original "storage onion grex population" that gave rise to this expiration in onion diversity. Day neutral!
  • Yellow Storage Onion Grex is the 2020 selection of the highest quality, best storing yellow onions from our original storage onion grex hybrid swarm that arose from the growing, selecting and crossing of over 40 open pollinated storage onions. Early maturity, early dry down and resistance to bolting are characteristics of this seed. Due to the diverse parentage, expect hybrid vigor from natural crosses occurring in this population, there will be a very small percentage of red and blushed onions (so beautiful) due to the original parentage of this seed. Enjoy diversity in the theme of a reliable yellow storage onion.
  • Golden Princess (Early)

    About 5 years ago our search for a superior early open pollinated sweet onion brought us to this incredible variety. This sweet onion matures weeks before any other onion we have tried. Originally sourced from Adaptive Seeds who found this strain in the Seed Savers Exchange where Andrew Still said there was little history.  The onion appears to be day neutral working across the United States and is our go to onion for early bulb production. If you know more info on the history of this incredible OP early onion please share!
  • Storage Onion Grex

    With the growth in popularity of f1 hybrid storage onions we set out to create a breeders population of f1 crosses from as many open pollinated storage onions as we could find. We combined strains like Newberg and Rosy Opal from Peace Seeds and Seedlings, Mary Nagy’s Red and Carmen Purple among others from Adaptive Seeds, refined heirlooms like Dakota Tears from the Podalls of North Dakota and many varieties from Seed Savers exchange. We grew out all varieties starting in trays in mid February. The harvest was selected for size, hardness and beauty. 1500 bulbs where selected and then subjected to a winter long storage where 400 of the best specimens were identified and replanted. These seeds are the result of this 400 specimen hybrid swarm. These will work wonders for beautiful fresh market display and storage! Plant in trays shooting to drop seeds ¼” apart, topdress with compost bi-weekly or as needed transplanting out in early May. Allow onions to dry in field until tops flop over for best storage.

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