• A diverse collection of dry beans with spirals. Selected from a wide range of diversity orginally sourced from Joseph Lofthouse in Paradise Utah. These beans are vigorous, productive and dry down for harvest evenly. They cook  evenly and have an incredible rich flavor. We direct sow into furrows spacing the beans 3" apart with 3 rows on a 30" bed or 4 rows on our 36" beds. Much thanks to Joseph Lofthouse for the original seeds.
  • Vaquitas Grex

    "Diversity within a theme" is what this interbreeding population is all about.  Vigorous plants dry down and cook uniformly with great flavor. A real marvel to hold in your hand as you ponder the different ways to be a Vaquita (baby cow). We love growing and eating these beans. Plant two weeks before your last frost date.
  • Speedy Dry Bean Grex

    Joseph Lofthouse, famed landrace farmer from Paradise, UT shared with us his incredible collection of dry beans in 2015. One of his many, individually packed seeds was labeled fastest. The beans were a diverse mix that live up to their label. Reliable, vigorous and capable of drying down with a late season planting (incredible for us in our zone 3-4 climate). In tough times, these seeds could save the day.  They cook very well together where faster cooking beans mike a rue for the slower ones. Rich diverse flavor is divine!

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