• Early Wonder Tall Top

    Early Wonder Tall Top beet is a must have for early production of delicious sweet roots and amazing healthy tops. We love sautéed tops with onion garlic and finished with a little soy sauce! Early wonder produces bulbs before all of our other beets in just around 50 days. Add this amazing beet to your garden and keep the rewards of F.H. Woodruff & Sons of Medford, Conn. the originators of this iconic open pollinated beet.
  • Chiogga Beet

    A beautiful pink beet with alternating pink and white stripes. This beet has been traced back to the historic fishing town of Chioggia, Italy. The town of chioggia is known for its amazing food and their Chiogga beet represents this amazing culture. Sweet, earthy and beautiful are words to describe this favorite. This beet fills in nicely and produces consistently for us avoiding bolting in early season. Where would our garden be without our beloved Chioggas!

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